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Children's Programs

The educators at our preschool believe early learning is significant as it lays the foundation for life long learning. We aim to provide a high quality educational program in a warm and friendly environment. We provide experiences that stimulate curiosity, challenge children to solve problems and encourage them to make choices in their play.

We have a child centred curriculum that follows the ideas, thoughts and skills of the children.

The content of our preschool curriculum is developed in response to the daily observations of the children's ideas, knowledge and play. Based on this information, we program new experiences and / or add resources to extend their ideas and further all areas of their development.

Our preschool program and curriculum is influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This framework is the national curriculum for all early childhood services across Australia. Fundamental to the EYLF is a view of children's lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming.

Often preschool is the child's first experience in a formal school setting. We aim for children to develop self confidence with the knowledge that they are capable, strong and full of knowledge. Our preschool program ensures children are confident to embark on the next step in their formal learning as they progress to Kindergarten.

We believe in using both incursions and excursions to enhance the educational outcomes for the children.

We have regular visits from:                                                                We go on regular visits to:

Toronto Library - Story time                                                                  Carey Bay Nursing Home   

Living Safely with Dogs Program                                                          Our local gym

Local Land care volunteers

The Toronto Fire Brigade

The Reptile Man

Henny Penny Hatchings

Vision Screening

Pacific Smiles Dental

The Daily Program is on display in both rooms of our centre.

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