We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, the Awabakal people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community. We endeavour to connect with our social and cultural heritage with authenticity and pride.

Our organisation values children, families, staff and community by providing a warm, safe, friendly, welcoming environment where all are respected and supported. We believe children are unique, resourceful, successful, competent and capable learners and this forms the foundation of our philosophy.

The significance of relationships is crucial for well being and learning providing a sense of belonging and security. We accommodate and embrace diversity and differences which are reflected in our environment, interactions and programs.



We acknowledge that children come from a variety of backgrounds and culture and recognize the impact a family has on a child’s development. We aim to equip children with a set of life skills that will enable them to function socially and participate actively within their community. Our aim is to promote health and wellbeing and to introduce children to developing healthy habits for eating and physical activity which will result in a healthy lifestyle now and later in life. We believe in providing an anti-bias environment to positively support children’s growth of identity and self-esteem and a sense of belonging.


The importance of play based learning is paramount, therefore we provide experiences both planned and spontaneous, based on input received from all stakeholders, that are meaningful, and reflect the lives and interests of the children, staff and families in context with the local community.


We aim to develop programs that support each child’s capabilities and interests according to their individual needs and treat all children with dignity and respect.


The physical learning environments are safe, aesthetically pleasing, promote curiosity, are free for the children to investigate and be in control of their own learning, sustainable, fun and stimulating, encouraging children to problem solve, face challenges, have choice, explore natural materials while sharing and developing their skills, knowledge and ideas with others.

We support and encourage sustainable practices that are respectful to our environment, including gardening, recycling and reducing the impact on our natural world.

The educational program delivered to children is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. The program reflects the Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes of this Learning Framework.

As advocates for children, staff engage in professional development to ensure quality and reflective practices that support early childhood education and the rights of the child.

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