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Balance- is having the right amount (not too much or too little) which leads to harmony…..

At Blackalls Park Preschool – balance is the essence of our world and is intertwined in everything we do!


Is tucked away in a quiet location. It offers a balance of:

A mix of old and new

Fun yet safe experiences

Cheerful yet calm interactions

Relaxed yet inspiring environments

A small yet plentiful community with a strong sense of family where new and returning families are welcomed

A respectful yet informative family support resource

A natural setting where both built and native environments can be explored

A warm, homely and welcoming atmosphere that still challenges and stimulates children’s learning


We are committed to:

•Being kind to everyone, everyday

•Reciprocal, respectful relationships with:

•Each other

•Our preschool environment

•The earth

•Creating and maintaining a positive place

•A sustainable future

•Providing a place of calm and tranquillity through our mindfulness program

•Taking a genuine interest in children’s lives

•Maintaining authentic relationships with our families as they play a leading role in children’s wellbeing and development.

•Providing consistency of educators

•Offering high educator to child ratios

•Providing a flexible but consistent routine for children’s sense of stability

•Equity, inclusion and diversity without discrimination and bias

•Inclusive practices through interprofessional relationships

•Providing an environment where children, families, educators and community members are safe and valued

•Being a hub of information for families

•Be an active member of our community

•Supporting new and emerging educators in their professional journeys

•To  continually critically reflect on our practices and beliefs to ensure we continue to offer a high quality educational service.

•Engaging in the cycle of learning intertwining the Early Years Framework , theorists and our own philosophy


•We believe that:

•Everyone here is special

•Here is a place where friendships can be made

•That children are the leaders of our preschool and that their rights, decisions and best interests underpin all our practices

•That children are successful, competent and capable learners

•That children learn best through play

•In listening to the children’s voices and extending on their ideas and interests

•In providing open ended resources to foster creativity and individualism

•In consulting with families about their beliefs and ideals of our preschool to inform our future planning

•In creating partnerships with families to foster children’s development where their safety, health and wellbeing is paramount

•In consulting with families about their beliefs, backgrounds and cultures so as to create a welcoming, respectful and inclusive space for children to thrive

•Respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and elders- past, present and emerging

•In acknowledging and promoting individual educator strengths to cater for different needs of families and children

•That children play a vital role in the professional development of our educators

•In supporting children to be enthusiastic and life long learners as they take the next step into formal education

•That here is a place to feel safe where we can share aspects of our home life in a supportive and respectful environment

•We believe in offering children a balance of:

•Indoor and outdoor play choices for long periods in our day

•Progressive and set mealtimes for both independent decision making and the development of social skills

•Planned and spontaneous experiences that cover both intentional teaching and child initiated play

•Teaching practices that offer educator support and room for self discovery


•We aspire to:

•To have interesting and inspiring environments

•To ensure we continue our role in educating the newest generation of our community

•To instill a love of learning for each and every child that will continue throughout their life

•To maintain sustainability commitments

As educators, continue on our professional journeys, researching and utilising current best practices for the benefit of the children in our community


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